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Vote Totals:  28
Comments: (4)
Mother's Name:  Carry Gerke
First Daughter's Name:  Riah Gerke
Second Daughter's Name:  Caranda Gerke
City:  North Bend
Vote Totals:  50
Comments: (7)
Mother's Name:  Amy Stewart
First Daughter's Name:  Ruth Stewart
City:  Fremont ne
Vote Totals:  28
Comments: (3)
Mother's Name:  Lori Russell
First Daughter's Name:  Alyssa LeCrone
City:  Cedar Bluffs
Vote Totals:  55
Comments: (2)
Mother's Name:  Shirley Flanagan
First Daughter's Name:  Stacy Flanagan
Grandmother's Name:  Phyllis Lynch
City:  Fremont
Vote Totals:  68
Comments: (7)
Mother's Name:  Olivia Lynn Crull
First Daughter's Name:  Mariah Lynn Frana
Grandmother's Name:  Nancy Shimerdla/ great grandma Rose Boies
City:  Fremont
Vote Totals:  33
Comments: (5)
Mother's Name:  Theresa Gustin
First Daughter's Name:  Emery Gustin
City:  Fremont NE
Vote Totals:  83
Comments: (15)
Mother's Name:  Sarah Faye Mahlberg
First Daughter's Name:  Kaydence Faye Lynn Mahlberg
City:  Omaha
Vote Totals:  27
Comments: (1)
Mother's Name:  Jodi
First Daughter's Name:  Delanie
City:  Snyder
Vote Totals:  31
Comments: (5)
Mother's Name:  Sherri Johannesen
First Daughter's Name:  Craig,Karen,Holly,Korri & Kole
City:  Fremont
Vote Totals:  187
Comments: (2)
Mother's Name:  Sarah
First Daughter's Name:  Sophia
City:  Fremont
  1 2 3       Viewing: 1-10 of 26
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Fremont Tribune's Mother's Day Photo Contest

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